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tv   Fire Commission 42716  SFGTV  April 30, 2016 9:05am-12:01pm PDT

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>> this is meeting of san francisco fire commission, wednesday april 27, 2016. as of our custom we'll begin with the pledge of allegiance, please stand. >> i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> thank you. madam secretary can you do announcement >> wednesday april 27, 2016. 503. this is reminder under administration code 67 a 1 runging i use oof
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cell phones pagers and sournds producing devices are prohibited. to vibrate or silent mode or turn it off. this is also a reminor food isn't allowed. the may 11, 2016 regular fire commission meeting will resume at city hall in room 416 at 9 a.m. we like to take this time to thank the folks at sfgtv, you do great work. item 2, roll call. president franceee covington. present. leaveland, present. nakajo, here. hardeman, here. joan hayes-white is excused. mark gun zaul ez is serving in her absent.
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item 3, members may kraez the commission up to 3 minutes ochb any matter within the jurisdiction and does not appear on the ajendsa. speakers shat address the remark tooz the commissions as a whole. commissioners are not to enter into debate or discussion with a speaker, lack of respaurns or personnel doesn't constitute agreement with or support statements made during public comment. >> thank you madam secretary. i want to before we call the next item, i want to make sure i thank the mission neighborhoods centers under the excellent direction of sam ruiz for listing us here this afternoon. can you please go over item 4? >> public comment. >> thank you. is there any
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public comment? on something that isn't on this evenings agenda? okay, thank you captain. >> commissioners, chief, mike [inaudible] president of the san francisco ems officers association. i think it is praept we are meeting in the southern part of the city where can bring to the public eattention we valimit amoujt of paramedics, we have one supervisor for hamp the city. we vasecond supervisor who is budgeted since october not yet assigned because of unwillingness by the administration to decouple staffing and station 49,
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the ambulance depot with the supervisor [inaudible] who should be stationed at 43. at this time i would like to continue to bring to your attention this is occurring and still holding it hostage and as i said we have one supervisor for approximately half the city to supervise the paramedics in a area where there is a significant number of elderly population, a significant number of medical and trauma calls, which are supervisor because of the vast differences he is covering can't offer assistance to paramedics and fire responding. i like to thank commissioner nucaujio who road with me and think whee a good time. i like to offer to any of the other commissioners that you should feel free to ride with myself or any
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other paramedm supervisor jz we'll be glad to show you what we do out there. thank you very much. >> thank you captchen whooly. any other members of public that would like to speak at this time? seeing none i'll close public comment. nextitement >> item 4, approval of the minutes discussion and action to approve the meetings minutes of march 23, 2016. >> commissioners. >> approve. >> thank you. is there a second? >> second. >> thank you. all in favor of the minutes by the commissioner secretary say aye. >> thank you. any public comment on
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the minutes? madam secretary are there copies of things down there for people? >> there is against the wall >> thank you. as the items come up if you would like to look at the paperwork relate today the items, they are back there >> the binder >> in the binder. thank you. we have no public comment it seems on this item. public comment is closed. >> item 5, leave of absence. discussion and possible action to approve chief of department request for leave of absence with pay for 2 days may 16 and 17, 20s 16 to attend a portion the 20s 16 metropolitan fire chief conference sponsored by sth international association of fire chiefs in long beach. the source of funds for the trip is provided
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in the fire department 2015-16 budget >> thank you. is there public comment on this matter? >> move, madam chair. >> second. >> thank you. any discussions? any comments from commissioners? okay. all in favor? signify by saying aye. thank you. jarks item 6, chief of department report. report from chief of department of activities and events within the department since the san francisco meeting of april 13, 2016 including fiscal year 2015 and 16 budget academy strategic planning,
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150th anniversary [inaudible] report from administration and wheaten facility status, finance support, home land security and training within sth department. >> thank you. chief gonzalez, before you give the report for the chief of the department, i want to ask would you like to present from the podium? would that be easier? i think it may be easier for people to see you, but it is up to you. >> whatever you prefer. >> okay, thank you. >> [inaudible] the chief of the department report of april 13, 2016. she wanted me to touch on the metro fire chief conference she went
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to. the last she attended was 20s 13. some oaf the items are nlsh fire protection association with jim [inaudible] diversity and plomotional and entry level selections. fire based ems, new day. fire based ems [inaudible] for decision makers. on to had budget update. april 19, the budget committee met with supervisor farrell, chair the budget and finance committee. april twenthd, the chief presented before budget and finance committee and presented a ovview of funding needs with prioritization given to fleet and equipment. thank you for [inaudible] continued discussion with mayors office between now and when the mayor subimates the budget june 1.
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academies, 119th academy. in the 14th week 50 members remain, graduation is june 9 at [inaudible] 120th class, interviews conducted and some will move to medical evaluation. additional back grounds connected in may for november 2016 and 2017 classes. [inaudible] began april 25 with 32 members. grad wigz is june 3, 2016. ha perdeem. the interviews are conducted, offers made and 31 membererize completing oen line training with a classroom beginning may 9, 2013. my goal is have 100 ha by the end the year. very good supplement fl ems division. it keeps them stabilized. h 3 level run and
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2, that is emt to bump up academy 19 promoted to level 2. strategic planning. the subcommittee met several times this month. the committee will reconvene monday may 19 at 9 a.m. [inaudible] if not it was well attended. exchiefs were there as well so thauchck to all who attended the [inaudible] impressive foremostly [inaudible] and fire fighter beaumonty was over the top with the flag. it was very impressive mpt there are many events scheduled from now to 2017. there is a up coming chicer panel may 4 at the main
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library. that is one you can't miss. i suggest we do video it and we are. hopefully we'll work with sf gov tv for those who can't be there. the next meeting is scheduled for may 26. special events, communications and outreach to other government agencies, the [inaudible] held at marina greens and middle school. it was very well attended. thank you eric [inaudible] very good job. i think she is in the back. cherry blossom parade took place on 4-17. april 19, 1906 commemoration took place followed fwhie golden hydrant and met with [inaudible] labor management meeting. april 21,
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the chief and deputy attendsed the earth day event. i had to leave for [inaudible] third alarm that morning. the chief attended announcement of the bay area womens summit held in san francisco this june. lastly in memoriam i request meeting be convened in fire fight denise [inaudible] who was a devoted member from 2002-2014 as well as fire fighter stephen ras cone who served from 1977 to 2012. thank you. >> thank you chief gonzalez. at this time were there any members of the public who have comments on the chiefs report? if so, please approach the podium. seeing none, public
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comment is closed. commissioners, any questions for chief gonzalez? come forward. >> public comment is open. >> i do have public comment about the mission of fires not about the chief report so is there a time to speak at that point? >> the mission presentation by our fire marshal will begin at 6 o'clock in order to give people enough time to get here from work. >> will we be able to talk after that presentation? >> you may pose question but there isn't a opportunity for us to dialogue. >> okay. >> thank you. public comment is closed. commissioners. >> no questions.
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>> commissioner nakajo. >> thank you madam president and thank you very much chief gun zaul ez for your report and also doing double duty as you relay the chief report. my question is concerning the 160th celebration, the grand opening we had at union square that ladder demonstration is really impressive and i was wondering if that ladder demonstration is that ever going to be repeated during the festivities? >> i take that as a yes >> i want to relay that question as the folks didn't have to opportunity of the opening of the 150th. it is very impressive. thank you.
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>> commissioner hardeman? >> no questions. >> regarding the 65 foot ladder raise which is the 6 and a half stories tall, that will be taking place again i believe it is in july, is it july? it will be part of the parade and muster. september 25. okay. thank you. i had just one quick question for you chief gonzalez. the h 3 graduation is june 3 and you mentioned another graduation before that time? >> there are 2 graduations one is june 3 and one is june 9?
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>> yes, ma'am, the entry level one is june 3. interviews for the ha have been conducted. they are doing online training and the classroom component begins may 9. the 119th class is the one on june 9. 119th h 2 academy. the h 3 level 1 june 3 and h 2 academy is june 9 at reerden high school. >> thank you very much. i just had a quick question regarding superbowl 50. i know in the chronicle there was some mention of some reimbursement of funds to the city. i wondered if any of those monies would be forth
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coming to us to cover over time? i know the please department- >> and therfb say no to money but would refer to mark courseo. >> mark courseo and chief fran cisco if you have anything to add. >> mark coursey. in regards to your question for the most part are contributions for operations perspective were not reimburseed. we were allocated in the bumgt to cover over time but there was approximately $40,000 of reimbursement we are planning to receive from the host committee with regards to certain special events we were provided service for. outside of that, we are not anticipating any reimbursement. >> are those monies the $40,000 you
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just referenced is that above and beyauchbd what we expected initially? >> correct. we were budgeted as part of the mayor budget the allocation is $250,000 for over time for providing ems. we will be at the end the day the total expenditures were about $400,000 and so we were reimburseed 40 of that through the host committee. >> great. very god. good. thank you. chief gonzalez is there anything you wanted to add? >> i'm good, commissioner. thank you. >> okay. thank you. that was a very speedy report. if you have more to add. thank you. [laughter]. okay.
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at this time i anticipated that we would be a little longer. >> we have the admin report still. >> okay. this is chief william. okay. you want to call her up? >> chief williams come you up to the micro phone, please? >> good evening president covington rsh members of come fire commission and mission neighborhood community. ramona williams deputy chief ofads sminstration and this is the report for month of april, 2016. i like
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to start with training under jeff colem beanie. last week the recruitment committee outreach held the meeting thursday april 21. there was a large attendance and the members provided a lot of valuable information to perspective candidates. as mentioned by chief gonzalez this is week 14 for 119th recruit academy. we have 50 recruited remaining and menshzed graduation date of june 9. over on in service training at treasure island we continue our below grade training on yerba buena island with positive feedback from the public and work with sfpd in the planning process for our active shooter training module. we are nearing completion in our construction
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och the bart station proper and anticipate training to begin this summer. over in our ems training division as chief gun zaul ez mentioned we concluded or h 3 level 2 bump up academy and have just began or h 3 level 1 emt academy past monday, april 25 with 32 stud rnt. we are in the process completing the interviews and submitting offers to approximately 38 h 8 per deem paramedics. the ems training staff continues to provide training for all department members. as mentioned before, nurt under eric odd sairo continues to provide emergency preparedness training and advance command operations to members of the nurt committee. along with neighborhood outreach
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presentations. chief gonzalez also mentioned budget and finance status under mark cor so and we are waiting decision by the voters in june regarding our health and safety bond being presented in june. under acting capt chb shealy hunter, there are numerous background and testing potential candidates for upcoming academy as well as random test that take place through the reporting period. all results have been negative. under it management information services, we have continued to upgrade various equipment and products throughout the department such as recording application for the division of training, working with recruit academy, division
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training, treasure island and station 49, installation and configuration of the wire less network in process and some areas completed as well as up graded on the mcp and fire apparatus and ems dispatch to name a few. under home land security with shane fran cisco attended countless meetings and work groups throughout this reporting period in preparation for training exercises and planning for up coming events such as beta breakers [inaudible] several triathlons [inaudible] fleet week which will happen later this year to name a few. we now have 4 k 9 handlers and chief fran cisco attended a managers meeting earlier this mupth to
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discuss changes in the mou. under support services, the deputy chief lombardi is also buzzy attending meetings and work groups throughout the city to explain health and safety bond which we hope the voters prove this june. he is also been work wg the port on pier 26 for relocation of the fire boats during the construction of station 35. the easter projects which include easter 10 and 14 involve numerous upgrades and improvement to the neighborhood fire stations. they are on going and on track and next month chief lum bard ewill give a presentation at the next commission meeting which will include all bonds the department is currently involved in including the ax zilry water supply system.
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construction of pump station 1 at head quarters which was arichblgnomy estimated to be completed by may has been extended to october of this year. correction of airport station 3 is on track and slated to be completed by the end of the year. under fleet management, engine specifications are being finalized which include enhanced safety and profile reducing feature squz additional sedans have knin ordered for the staff of bureau fire prevention. 9 new ambulance have been ordered and boe continues to reorganize the weir house for a more efficiency for station 49. under facilitymancy, 137 requests for services have been received and processed for the month of
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march. exhaust extractors have been installed in all stations and completed. the fire boat is on track for completion by the end of may with the commissioning sarmony scheduled for july. and that concludes my report. i will address any questions the commission may have. >> thank you, chief williams mpt any member of the public that would like to ask a question or comment on the chiefs report? from administration? seeing none, public comment is closed. my fellow commissioners do you have comments? vise president cleveland >> thank you. one question dealwise health and safety bond on the june 7 ballot of 58,000,000 of the
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350,000,000 bond will go to the fire department, 44,000,000 going to build emergency medical head quarters and dispatch center. what is the fire department doing and working to get it bonds passed? i know we need to work with the health department is someone designated within to work to create a campaign because we have to gee convince the voters this is a necessary bond so wonder what we are doing on the department side to get the word out this is a bond we need? >> i'll invite ken lombardi to come up and elaborate on that. >> thank you. >> good evening commissioners. we have been doing several things just as recent as yesterday we went to the chronicle and tomorrow we'll meet with
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the examiner. there has been a lot of after hour meetings we are going to with investors to try to get support so we can get campaign adds out there. the chiefs office and [inaudible] working very hard on this and also during community meet lgz we have the battalion chiefs sit on local community meeltings and answer questions the community has. they can'tcome pain but can answer questions so i prepared a one page summary that explains our needs and why we need a new building and battalion chiefs have been going arounds to areas when there is a meeting and answering questions on the bond. >> is there a campaign now or committee formed to support the passage the prop of the bond measure? >> yes, that has been done. bmw consultant are handling it and
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so they are putting together the strategy but there is a lault of community meetings. just yesterday and last noilth we were in the bayview talk toog them because one the part of that is a new health center out there, refurbished health center. >> i have great confidence in bmw. >> yes, they are handling it. >> thank you. >> any questions for cleef lombardi. >> chief while you up there, we are specifically talking about this bond going on the ballot this coming november? >> for this june. >> okay, this june, very soon. >> correct >> what is the former yoirfication of the bond? the baupd has a letter or name or how will the voter knoze what the bond is? >> there should be stuff coming
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out shortly but it is proposition a. and it will be public health and safety bonds and the safety part for 58,000,000 >> following up with vice president clevelands comment the more the public understands the benefit of the bond to us the fire department and how it breaks down to medical emergency services in terms of we don't have a facility to house all those paramedics in our service, that is the type of education that our community members will need, so i just wanted to make sure we know when this is coming up which is very soon and what the name of this would be specifically. >> proposition a in june and thanks to presidents covington i gave the report next meeting and next meeting i'll touch on all go bonds and go over the health bond again in the next meeting.
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>> i think that is timely colleagues because the bond benefits us and need to do what we can within the proper process. thank you very much, chief. thank you madam president >> commissioner haeman? >> thank you madam president. i don't know if this is chief lombardi or williams, but any negative financial consequences for the pumps related to the fire department? >> do you mean related to the delay? >> yes, not- >> for pump station 1? >> yes >> i will have the cfo- >> there is no negative of financials for us. it sin our building the awsf budget for theeseer bond comes out of the puc financial money so as
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far as our pot of money to redo the fire houses it has no effect on the fire houses. >> another question, coming home from a warrior game about midnight in west portal in a street car and see a ambulance folks emt and paramedic standing up and just very quite and asked them how they like the new ambulances and they love them accept when they spend 12 hours a day in them they said they have one thing they wequest it is the seats recline more. i thank you if anybody mentioned that to staff. i don't see chief myers here who would be the one who may have heard something on that. >> depending on-we have got that request before so dependent on what year or model they were in that
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may have been rectifyed. the second batch of ambulances we addressed that. >> great, glad to hear that. that you can. >> commissioner commissioner hardeman. let's see, this is for chief williams or chief lombardi, concerning the exhaust extractors can you talk more about those now that we have them in all stations? >> yeah, so we had exhaust extractor frz many years in our stations but the old style exhaust extrarkters work on a positive fire switch so the engine fires up and the pressure activates the system and a lot of switches went bad and not a full proof way so the new system is basically the same type of exhaust system but how it is activated is different so now there is a
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remote on the vehicle and a romote on the exhaust system so as soon as the ignition is triggered the exhaust automatically kicks in so it is a much more efficient and effective way so hope it will help in the health and safety of our members woo wherewe don't get diesel exhaust in the fire houses. >> thank you for that follow up. anything else? chief williams, anything else? any additional questions, commissioners? thank you for your report. >> thank you. >> at this time i would like to let everyone know that in anticipation of the meeting here and we are very very haphy to be here, i thought it would be
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a good idea to show other aspects of our department so outside in the court yard we have the neighborhoods emergency response team. sorry, you are in the back. there is lieutenant [inaudible] nurt is in the back and this is our volunteer component of the fire department. these are people who go through training, i have gone through training and it give youz the skills that are very very helpful in the event of a major catas roughy like a earthquake and you can be helpful to your family and neighbors helping to keep people say. please visit lieutenant [inaudible] in the back and she can tell more about that. weologist have fire fighter
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burr oca who is here. he is our recruitment specialist. please pick up any information you may want to share with members of your family. we are recruiting for the fire department. it is a excellent career and there is no age limit, no height limit, no limit to the possibility in that career. so there is a event table. we also have our employee group that is comprised of latino fire fighters, los bomberos and they will do a presentation after our fire marshal does his presentation. we'll recess and i would like to chat with as many people as possible
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between now and 6 o'clock asime rr sure my fellow commissioners would like to do as well. so this is a good time for to introduce ourselves to you and you to us. we are now in recess and will begin >> good evening again everyone. it is our pleasure to be here and to see you. i want to again thank the mission neighborhood center and mr. sam rue ez executive director and thank you for coming out this evening. we were invited to the mission by supervisor campos and the vice president and i suggested that we have a more casual meeting so that everyone can
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get together and talk you know with a limited time and the supervisor preferred a more formal meeting with all of the commissioners, so we are here and again we are happy to be here. however, we are not permitted by law and statute to have a dialogue with people who give public comment, so we have here with us this evening our city attorney, mrs. jana clark who will be insureing that we don't run foul of anything or get a little out of order because these matters that we
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will be covering this evening are very important and we know that people are not only interested in the subject, but have many questions about the subject. so, at some point in the very near future within the month or within 6 weeks, we will be having a more casual occasion to get together to dialogue. okay? i wanted to mention that for sure. i also want to let you know that i will be combining items 7 and 8. both items will be consolidated. that is the presentation from bureau fire investigation as well as supervisor campos's address to the commission. commission secretary can you
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please reread the parameters of the meeting. >> i will. at public comment this is reminder that members of the public may address the commission for up to 3 minutes on agenda item 7. knee person requiring a interpreter is allowed additional 3 minutes for interpretation. speakers should address their remarks to the commission as a whole and not individual commissioners or department personnel. commissioners are not to enter into debate or discussion with the speaker. the lack of response by the commission or department personnel does not necessarily countitute agreement with or support for statements made during public comment. >> thank you, madam secretary. chief gonzalez i see you and
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understand you have a message from the chief of the department, chief joan hayes-white. >> yes thank you prezden covington. this message is from chief joan hayes-white. good evening. sorry i'm unable to attend opportunity fire commission meeting due to a trip i was asked to present at the western fire chief association summit. prior confirming the date of toonts meeting i met with supervisor campos and indicated the conflict. he felt it wasn't necessary to reschedule the meeting. tonight you will hear from the fire marshal dan decozeia, captain attica bouden rkts bureau fire investigation and lords russell. they will provide a over view of the work and stats onfires and fire safety tips.
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you will also receive a presentation our employee group los lum bearose who will update. i #r50e67 out to mr. rue ez and her nandss to arage for follow up meeting to engage in dialogue. the mission of san francisco fire department is save live jz protect property. the men and emwithen of the sfpd are dedicated professions who thake the oath with dedication and commitment. i'm proud of the n nob comprised of 17 percent hispanic men and women and have a workforce that reflects the community we serve. thank you to the fire commission, president covington, thank you troomr. roease to opening the doors to us and supervisor campos and staff for the individual lnts. i look forward reconvening in
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the coming weeks and assure we are working close with mayors office and department of building inspection to insure greater compliance and outreach toward a safer community. >> thank you chief gonzalez. thank you. madam secretary, can you read the item >> item 7 presentation from bureau investigation. presentation from fire marshal daniel decozeio, captain russell and captain attica regarding fires in [inaudible] status of investigations accept where prohibited by law. >> good evening commissioners, chief, lothose in attendance, dan deicoseio. i'm here to present [inaudible] the focus on the mission. very
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good. we'll begin by citing our mission statement. what is our mission? we will then-go back one. thank you. just like to give a verbal overview of a run through of what will come before you here. we'll begin with a mission statement. look at the division of fire pr vention and investigation and how our division serves that mission and the role we play serving the mission and what is our mission? the mission is prevent fires. there are two bureaus. the bureau of fire prevention and fire investigation. both serve a role preventing fires. bureee fire prevention the focus is code enforcement, and community outreach to public education. through the bureau of fire
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investigation we investigate all fires in san francisco. i will move on to speak on and provide data over the last year and 10 years regarding the fires throughout the city. we'll begin with a snap shot of the city and look at run volume and breakdown per district of runs and working fires. first of all i like to say what is a working fire? a working fire is a structure fire. a structure fire that is at least a full assignment-first alarm assign. it is a first alarm, second, third or forty or five alarm fire. after providing the data and-with mission fires i'll ask captain bowden who is captain
9:53 am
of arson investigation team to speak in detail of the scope within the unit and provide details on fires in the mission. after which i'll ask the captain of administration, captain russell to speak to fire safety issues specificty to the smoke alarm electric fire and heat appliance, heater safety. then we'll conclude with initiatives in the bureau, what we are working on at this time. just leave it there, rich. like to read our mission statement. this is our mission: the mission of the san francisco fire department is protect the lives and property of the people of san francisco from fires, natural dezazer and haserdize materials, save lives prevent
9:54 am
fires through education program jz provide a work environment that values helt, wellness and cultural diversity and free of harassment and discrimination. our division of fire prevention and investigation there are 3 areas where we seek to prevent fires and they are listed up there through the code enforcement. the fire investigation and fire safety education. we will begin with code enforcement. next slide, please. what do we mean by code enforcements? codes are guidelines, the rule jz regulations how we build a building maintain a building and guide lines on regulated activlties not associate would the building it itself. could be hot works, storage of haserdize materials, use of
9:55 am
propane, so codes that are geared toward safety within the buildic and codes that restrict certain activities. it begins with health and safety code which is state law which establish the state fire marshals office and gives the authority to state fire maushal to adopt and public codes and regulations for the prevention of fire and protection of life of property and explosion in a panic. this authority is given to specific occupancies, so the state fire marshal we are the arm in the city and county of san francisco, doesn't have the authority over all occupancies. what i k do i mean by a ocsnaens that is intended use. for example, we look here, this is public assembly and a occupancy.
9:56 am
the codes are driven by what the use the building is for. each occupancy and use has a different hazards. dependent on the use the codes can we more or less restrictive. your homes, you go home tonight your residential occupancy. you are r occupancy. a single home is r 3. one or two units is r 3. fire department doesn't have jurisdiction over r 3, that is building department. if you go to your apartment you have 3 or more units, that is residential occupancy r 2. that falls under the jurisdiction of the fire department. with that in mind, san francisco enforces the codes and regulations adopted by the state fire marshal within the city and county of san francisco. there are 3 areas of focus, new construction,
9:57 am
existing buildings, which involve maintenance inspections of the buildings, and regulate activities. for new construction we have california building code. that tells you dependent on your use how big can i build the building, how many squire feet and stories, how far back from the property line, how many can i put in the buildings and how many exists do i have, where are the exists [inaudible] that all comes from the california building code for new construction. the other thing existing buildings, these codes are not ret row actively enforced with exception-a apartment building in 1930 has different requirement frz a building built today in san francisco or throughout
9:58 am
california. existing buildings. so, there are scheduled regular inspections on existing buildings. high rise buildings. 600 high rise buildings in san francisco and inspect everyone annually. schools, we inspect every school in san francisco annually. r 2 which are apartment buildings, we inspect all r 2, 9 units or greater annually. there are about 4500 the companies inspect. next slide, please. within t code enforcement umbrella, we have different sections in the bureau and highlighted a few to give you a idea of our structure and how we conduct our code enforcement. plan
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check, plan check review design documents submitted by the design architect or engineer and they review it for compliance with the building code as built at the time of the current code. for example, we are in 2013 code cycle here, so the 2013 cbc applies to any building built today in san francisco. they insure compliance with that. our districts, we have district inspectors. there field personnel they go out to the field and inspect construction sites. is the work in compliance with approved plans we reviewed and approved is the number 1 thing they do. we get a number of referl inspections. department of public health if you want to
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open up your restaurant you need a permit from the health department. the health department requests fire clearance prior to issuing the permit so we conduct inspections. finally, we conduct fire complaints inspections in the district. how do we get fire complaints. we receive complaints through 311 system, through a phone call, through a e-mail, through a walk in, postal service letter, and company inspections where we referred to us. now move to fire permits. fire permits, they work with operational permits so they are not involved with structures themselves for the most part. if you want to have a party and have a tent
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and use propane, you need a operational permit. they do annual inspections for gas stations. need operational permit for a cleaner and it goes on and on. the point they are not associate would the structure itself. they are regulated activity and inspect them for fire safety. when we inspect existing buildings there are 4 in the things we look for, fire protection systems and maintenance there of, fire alarm systems, existing system, and storage. your fire protection system you have active and passive fire protection system. fire protection system design tooz contain and control a fire
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within the building long enough for the tenants to get out of the building, long enough to maintain the structure integtry of the building and extinguish the fire. active fire protection system is your sprinkler system. they have to be serviced and certified every 5 years. passive system is stair enclosure. the fire barriers and protective opening, are they intact or holeess in the wall, does the hard weir work? fire alarm has it been served in the last year. all fire alarms have to be serviced annually by a license contractor. is the panel in a normal condition? those are the type of things we look at there. existing, the 3 components. exit access
10:03 am
and discharge. can i make it to the stair way. can i open my door. is the exist discharged on a public way? storage, do i store unfaithfully where i stacking items tupe the ceiling if there is a fire the fire department will have trouble making access to extinguish the fire. like to speak on the red item here when chis r 1 and r 2 fire complaints. i mentioned we inspect every high rise annually, there have 600 of them. we created a new section or expanded the high rise section to include r 1 and 2 complaint section. the reez son consolidate the complaints for the engine and truck companies and they inspect
10:04 am
apartment buildings 4500 annually. the complaints in the past were distributed through the district inspectors and they work on them as they come per their-- >> sorry to interrupt, we have handout frz the audience if they want to get them now. i think they would give them afterwards. yp think they have english and spanish. >> i'm sorry i thought wie were distributed. >> we can distribute them now. >> by all means, please. thank you mpt . have wifi the slide presentation is available on line. thank you for being generous with those copies. we will return now to the fire marshals presentation.
10:05 am
>> thank you, i will speed things up a bit. i think the intent is give a overview that there is two arms within the dedivision. prevention and investigation which gives you a idea of the things we look at and our resources we put towards inspecting buildsings and fire stations. next slide, please. fire investigation. obviously, we need to understand what is causing the fires to prevent fires and that is where the fire investigation team comes into play. san francisco fire department inspect every fire. it can be a trash fire or vehicle fire or grass or structure fire, we investigate every fire. the bureau of fire investigation though does not investigate every fire, the
10:06 am
fire department does. a number of fires can be the investigation can be done by the incident commander and they understand the origin and cause, he or she fills out the fire investigation report themselves. when the ic can not make a determination of origin and cause, they then call the bureau of fire investigation. our fire investigation is dist patched on all greater alarms when the cause is determined and any suspicious in nature , any ins lnt involving injuries or fatalities, explosions, fires in places of worship we are automatically dispatched. next slide, please. take a
10:07 am
quick analysis of the working fires in san francisco. first san francisco a growing city. look at the population according to u.s. census bureau. today we are 865 thousand population. 2010 we 815 thousand, that is increase of 50 thousand, approximately 6 percent. if you look at the planning department pipeline, ready for construction, 50,000 residential units in the pipeline. 18 million quer square feet. we are growing dense city and density is increasing. the density oof san francisco is second only to new york city and population per square mile. next item, please. this
10:08 am
slide indicates our calls per year. when i say calls that is all the dispatch for all emergencies. medical, fires, anything dispatched on the graph represents. on the left here it is 2005, on the right, 2015. if we go back to 2010 we have approximately 118,000 runs. last year had over 135,000 runs. the population increased by 6 percent, the run volume increased by 12.6 percent. next slide, please. these are runs, our calls by
10:09 am
year by supervisor district. on the far right if we look on the bottom, each is the supervisor district, there are 11. 1, 2, 3, up to 11. district 9 is where the mission is right here and this is the run volume over the e last 5 years. district 9 is in the middle. district 6 far outpaces all the other districts. next slide, please. this graph shows all working fires, structure fires, first alarm or greater from 2004-2015. the gray shows the
10:10 am
number of fires. the red is the fatalities each year. if you look to the left year 2004-2008 right up here we had a high volume of structure fires. it is worth noting in 2002 we had a sprinkler ordinance for sro's requiring springlers in sro's. i believe this is reflected over the years where we leveled off beginning in 2009. we look on the far right, 2015, we had 5 fire fatalities last year. three of those were in the mission. one was in district 3, one in district 10. 4 of those fatalities involved a structure 5s. of those 4 the
10:11 am
smoke alarm or unit didn't function or not present at the time of the investigation by our investigation team. next slide, please. this is working fires by year by supervisor district. little hard to read from this distance. 2015, this represents all 11 districts right here. that is for each year. let's look at 2015. the top of the graph district 10. they had the most working fires of 2015. second, district 5. third, district 8. fourth, district 6. five,
10:12 am
district 3. six is district 9 which is in the middle of the pack of 11 districts. next slide, please. rich, next slide, please. here is the data that helped create the charts you just saw. the raw numbers. on the left here it is hard to read, 2004-2015. on the top here, district 1, 2, 3 up to 11 . you can look at the year and go across to your district and that would be the number of fires you had in that year. on the far right column each district is made up of multiple neighborhoodss,
10:13 am
but we extracted the mission in district 9 and provided the data on the far right column which is right here. if you look at the data there, from 2005-2015 if you add up all the fires each year and take the average, the mission has about 17.2 fire as year. last year this graph reflects 18 here in the mission, it is 17. i went through each file and read each report. one of them was not associated with a structure fire so had 17. 17 is in line with the average since 2004. of the fires in the mission, of the 17, 13 were determined as accidental. 6 caused by electrical fault. 2 of them spontaneous heatingism one discarded
10:14 am
ashing and one by roofing operations. one related to fire works. one a vehicle fire within the garage. one was discard smoking materials. 3 are undetermined at this time. one is still under investigation. it is wurkt noting when you look at national statistics, the number one cause of all fires is cooking equipment, 45 percent. number 4, nationally, electrical fires, 8 percent. the mission electrical fires is number 1 cause at 35 percent. that is worth noting. the mission is one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city and very dense. lot of people live in close proximity. i think these are factors that play in the number of
10:15 am
fires we have in the mission. >> [inaudible] >> that's fine, i'll speed through this. i would like to have our captain of the investigation team come up and speak to-- >> [inaudible] >> there is no time limit. >> excuse me, the meeting will take as long as necessary. everyone will have a opportunity to aprofen the podium and to speak and i ask you not to shout out. thank you. >> my goal here tonight is provide as complete of fires in the mission so we can better understand what is geing on and identify the needs for
10:16 am
areas for improvement, that is my goal tonight. i apologize if it is going too long, but that is my goal. i like to ask attica bouden who heads the fire investigation units to come forward and speak in detail to the activities oof the arson unit and provide insight to some of the recent fires in the mission. captain bowden. >> thank you chief decossio. good evening. supervisor campos and all the community members. this evening i want to speak about the role of the bureau of fire investigation within the san francisco fire department. fire investigation is required to have specialized training before they are assigned to the bureau and once assigned they are
10:17 am
required to have continued educational training. investigators are also qualified as armed peace officers with arrest capabilities. as the chief said, fire investigators do we sponds to second alarm and larger fires so we are also special calls. some of calls include fire fatalities, maimed suspects, fire related arrests of a suspect, a series of multiple fires, bombs ask explozeive, fires in government buildings, fires in places of worship, domestic violence, family planning centers, evidence collection as well as when we are requested by the san francisco police department. the bureau of fire investigation is part of a enter agency fire
10:18 am
investigation task force. that task force is comprised of bureau of fire investigation staffed with one captain, one lieutenant and 9 fire investigators. there is also the san francisco police department that gives us 3 city inspectors. we vadistrict attorney who is presently andy clark. we also have a federal agent from the bureau-atf which is call tobacco and fire arm and that person is cynthia chang housed in san jose. we determine where the fire started and how. on scene, you will see us conducting interviews, evidence is collected and/or at times secured and a
10:19 am
thorough physical examination of the scene is performed. investigation research, interviews, laboratory results, collection of all gathered information, necessity oo work with other agencies or special units and many other components of the investigation continue well after leaving the scene. the end result of our response to a fire incident is a comprehensive fire investigation report. i will give you a small briefing on some of the most recent second alarm or greater fires in the mission and they are as follows: there are 3 from last year that i'll speak on. there was a 4th alarm at 3222, 22
10:20 am
street january 28 determined to be a accidental fire do to a electrical fault or failure. there was a second alarm at 3044 24 street on march 11. it was determined to be a accidental fire due to electrical fault or failure of a power strip. there was a 3rd alarm at 2860 16th street november 11 determined to be a accidental fire. due to either a unspecified electrical fault or failure or improperly disposed smoking materials. i will speak of 5 in the mission from this year. there was a single alarm at 2874, 16th street on friday february 26. it was
10:21 am
deemed undetermined. with accidental electrical ruled out as all power supplies had been disconnected after the previous fire at the adjacent tire shop with evidence of trez tress passers improper use open flame warming or cooking devices. there was a third alarm at 3222, 22 street march 13 determined to be tress passers using open flames warming or cooking devices improperly within a vacant structure. thrfs a third alarm in mission deloris neighborhood at 3515 17th street april 21. it was determined to be accidental due to improperly discarding
10:22 am
smoking material s in the rear yard. there was a second alarm in deloris height at 141 popular avenue on april 22. it was deermed to be a accidental fire due to a drier fire. this is a single alarm but want to include it. there was a sigil alarm 2295 mission at 22 street. this is a corning building which also has or shares the address of 3222 22 street. this aoccurred this past monday and found to be undetermined due fooextreme fire damage from the previous two fires, but also having continued evidence of tress passing. i would like to close saying it
10:23 am
isn't without the assistance of interviews and useful information from the public that we would be able to determine the cause of the fires we investigate. if you know something, say something. how can you do that? you can call the san francisco fire department anonymous tip hotline. i'll give you the number. 415-575-4444. that number is 24 hours a day and offers spanish speaking interpretation. i thank you for listening and will turn you back over to chief decossio. >> thank you captain bowden.
10:24 am
next slide, please. i would like to ask our captain administration russell to speak on three fire safety issues. >> good evening madam president sw commissioner jz members of the public. part of our mission statement is prevent fire squz do that through prevention and education in order to keep the public safe. tonight i like to review some preventsive measures so we can work to keep your homes safe. we have fire safety informational sheets in spanish and english in the back and out of all those we picked 3 important topic tooz goeover tonight. one of them being smoke alarms. it is small but will cover most of
10:25 am
the important tips from there. smoke alarms are extremely important and have proven to reduce the risk of home fire deaths by 50 percent. we recommend that they be installed inside and outside every bedroom and every level of your home including the basement. smoke alarms are smalled in the ceiling or high on the walls. we recommend you do not small them in kitchens, install 10 feet away from cookic appliance and the reenz for that is that when you place them too close to cooking aplifernss they tnds to go off and cause a nuisance alarm or false alarm and that is had main reason we disconduct the alarms because they start to bug us when they go off unnecessarily and why we ask you to place them 10 feet away from
10:26 am
cooking appliance. the smoke alarms sold today have a battery that is non removable and non replaceable and good for 10 years. one good thing to remember is you may still have the old smoke alarms in your apartments so make sure you check and see which one you have. the old style you were required to change the battery every year. now you don't have to for 10 years. make sure you check which one you have. these smoke alarms have a manufacturer date in the back and then we recommend that you take that-take a sharpy and write the date on the side or front of the alarm that way knowio how many years you have left on it. with either one the old style or new style we recommend that you test them every month and there is
10:27 am
a test button in the front and you press and hold and it will tell you if it is working. a good thing to do is call everything member the family when you test it that way everybody knows what the alarm sounds like and if it goes off you know what it sounds like and discussed what you need to do if it does. the next topic we like to talk about is electrical safety. electrical fires were the most common cause of fire in the mission in 2015. there are very simple safety tips we can follow to make our homes safer and would like to go over some of those with you. any major appliance should be plugged to the wall outlet. you shouldn't use extension cords. by major appliance i talk about your refrigerator, stove, washer and drier. if you use
10:28 am
extension cords remember that those are intended for temporary use. do not use them in place of a permanent out let or wiring. also all the cords of your appliances make sure that you don't run them under rugs or that you are placing them in high traffic areas. the reason behind that is that over time they detearierate with walking over them or if you have them going between a door and keep opening and closing that door you are damaging the cord and a fire can result later on so you want to prevent that. also, when you choose your light bulbs for your fixtures and lamps, they all have a sticker on them that recommend what wattage to use so look at that when you punchs light bulbs. we look at the next slide, we
10:29 am
recommend using power strips however with this one it was over loaded and too many things were plugged in it and people tend to plug too many thing tooz the wall outlet. we recommend if you don't use the appliance unplug it and plug the one you use and unplug it and plug the other one and it keeps you safe. one last thing i want to say about electrical safety if you have electrical work done in your home make sure that you use a qualified eelectrician that way know the work is done well and no danger of fire. the last topic we'll talk about is heating safety. we like to stay warm and all use heating equipment. i would like to go over safety tips. we recommend you keep anything that can burn at least 3 feet away from heating equipment like
10:30 am
your furnace, fire place, wood burning stove or portable space heaters. portable space heaters shouldn't be placed next to bedding or furniture, clothing or a window with curtains and the windows can blow next to the heater and a fire can start. remember to unplug your portable heaters when and leave the room and unplug when you go to sleep. usually when you are sleeping the covers are sufficient and so you don't need those heaters late at night so just turn them off and rest occurred no fires will start from that heater. also if your home has a wood stove and you want to dispose of the ashes we recommend you use a metal container and wait till the ashes school cool. if you have a
10:31 am
fire place we recommend that you use a sturdy screen to keep the sparks from flying into had room and igniting anything it lands on. another recommendation is you never use your oven to heat your home or apartment. one last thing i like to say, gone with qualified professionals if you have your water heater replaced or you want to put in a wood burning stove or heating units needs to be updated make sure you hire someone that is qualified to make the changes and to put that equipment in your home. we have smoke alarms in the back that you are welcome to pick up. we also have the informational sheet on the smoke alarm you with welcome to take home and reminds you where you can place them. if you have any questions i speak spanning and will be in the back and will be there. that is all. thank you.
10:32 am
>> thank you captain russell. slide , please. concludes just a brief over view, the initiatives under way. i briefly touched on r 1 and 2 fire complaint. community outreach you saw with captain russell who is heading that section and with fire safety presentation see so this is a work in progress and goal is reach out to all neighborhoods in san francisco, go out and present our fire safety talks. feedback from the community and discuss concerns they may have. number 1 item interdepartment fire safety task force. the fire department
10:33 am
participated in a task force. we were joined with building department, housing, health department and puc and goal is put forth recommendations how to strengthen the fire codes. we are work wg supervisor campos with fire alarm maintenance requirements and smoke alarm requirements. we are working with supervisor wiener for code enforcement legislation. we are working with supervisor tang in posting a fire safety information in all apartment buildings and common areas. i thank you for the opportunity to presents before you tonight and take any questions you may have. thank you. >> thank you very much mr. fire marshal for that presentation and thank you also to our two captains of
10:34 am
arson and fire prevention. at this time i would like to call forward supervisor david campos. thank you pr being here supervisor and thank you for helping us with the meeting. you have i believe 10 minutes and then after the supervisor has spoken i'll invite all members of the public who would like to address the commission to up at that time. thank you. >> thank you madam president, thank you commissioners. welcome to the mission-i want to begin by saying thauchck to maureen your scaert with helping with logistics. i see the staff of sfgovtv they are video taping the meeting so thank you to staff for that. i want to first acknowledge the members of the community that
10:35 am
are here and if you live in this neighborhood if you work in the neighborhood you can please raise your hand. thank you for being here. [speaking spanish]. i espeally want to thank sam lieu ease in mission neighborhood centers for hosting us tonight. can we gichb them a round of applause? [applause] i also want to thank [inaudible] housing rights committee, mission no eviction, can we give a big round of applause because they have been working on this issue for a long time. of course i want to thank the staff of the fire commission but before i make a couple points i want to just single out men and women of the fire department because i have to say we had
10:36 am
badly tragic casualties in some of these fires but i can honestly with full conviction say but for the horoic work of the men and wem thochb fire department we would have lost more lives so thank you to our fire fighter frz the lives you have saved in the mission. [applause] when we talk about improvement of the fire department it isn't the fire fighter that i'm thinking about and talking about. there is a heroes in all this. i want to begin by saying respectfully that it has been a challenge for me dealing with the fire commission and the leadership of the fire commission respectfully. it has taken us a number of times and a number of requests to get this fire commission to come to the
10:37 am
mission to have a formal meeting. i appreciate the fact you wanted to a informal meeting. there is nothing i can do or anyone can do to stop you from doing that. if you wanted to do that you would have done that by now. i want to be clear i'm a former deputy city attorney and formal council of the scoom district, there is nothing in the brown act or public records act or sunshine ordance that prevents this xhishz from being engaged with the communities that it represents. to point the legal rementquireof those laws as the reason why a formal meeting has a limited aability to engage the community, legally the city attorney caechbt say that. the
10:38 am
sunshineordsance requires promote prore public information. i don't know where that comes from. given how difficult it has been after all the fires to get the fire commission to come here, i will be asking the city attorney to draft legislation that will require that like the police commission, the fire commission at least once a month meet all the meetings in the communities of city and countsy of san francisco. i am concerned about the fire departments response to these fires. not for the work the rank and file did but because the presentation that was made by the fire marshal and appreciate the presentation, the presentation
10:39 am
itself raises questions about the question that we ask and the question that the community has been asking, what is going on in the mission? why are there so many fires in the mission? what are you fire department doing to prevent those fires and to address the fact that it seems that fires happening in the mission at a rate much higher than the rest the city. with all respect to the fire marshal his presentation didn't address that. in fact, if you look at page 11 of his presentation and by the way, would ask when you hold these meetings when you do a presentation can you give copies to the public so they can see what you are talking about? on page 11
10:40 am
your numbers in 2004 there were 10 fires in the mission contsituteing 3.3 percent the fires in the city. in 2015 there were 18 fires and those fires constituted 9.4 percent of the fires in the city. 3 percent of the fires in the city, 9 percent of the fires in the city. what is happening during that period of time that the percentage wise , the number tripled in this neighborhood? we specifically ask i want to thank you did provide some of this, but we did not ask for a discussion or presentation on what is happening in district 9, we sperfckly asked about what is happening in the mission. and yet very little
10:41 am
of what was presented actually addressed that. now, i will end here because i want to hear from members of the community. i have been a commissioner before i know you volunteer your time and thank you for that, but i center to say that there is a very real disconduct cecktd between where the commission is and members of the community are. you are effectiveness as a commission is ultimately directly linked to your connection to the neighborhoods. i think that sometimes with these commissions too much time is spent in city hall. i ask you to come to these neighborhoods. it shouldn't be a supervisor writing letters and e-mails requesting this meeting to come to a neighborhood. in fact, we made
10:42 am
so many requests and still said no. it wasn't until we said we are going to hold a hearing at city hall demanding to know why you won't go to the mission that inmeeting happened. in the first time the meeting was proposed wasn't in the mission, it was noe valley and that is something i suggest when there are fires in one neighbor go to that neighborhood don't go to a different neighborhood to talk about the issues of that neighborhood. with that i look forward hearing from the community and we know this is a crisis for this neighborhood. we are introducing today we introduce yesterday we introduce legislation to address that crisis but a lot more needs to be done and i will end with this, one thing i'm concerned and this wasn't addressed in the presentation is the fact that a large number of investigations
10:43 am
involving fires have not been completed by this department. we'll hold a hearing on that. when we made our request on the status of those investigations there were more than 300 investigations that were backlogged. 300. that was not addressed so we'll address that at city hall and look forward hearing from our community. thank you very much. [applause] >> thank you supervisor campos. members of the public that would like to speak would you please line up along the doors there? everyone will have 3 minutes to speak. can you give the translator a heads up, please if you are going to be speaking in
10:44 am
spanish so that the translator can translate to english. okay? alright. thank you. now is the time for public comment, so please come forward. >> i ordinarily do give my name however we do not have a good whistle blower law even for the city employees and official. the people who live very modestly in san francisco without proper housing. i will bring up a subject that i address this concern why these fires in the mission
10:45 am
compared to other places. i started not with the fire commission as such but with the planning commission. i found out investigating a place for seniors and in the very low income that the planning department has different ways before they put their stamp approved with a plan for apartment buildings and they have a difference between low cost ones that are accessible to the people in the mission more than from other places, different standards for depending on whether it is a low cost or not and they segregate the ones that are low cost buildings so they don't have built in strucktually the things
10:46 am
that are subject to fixing before the apartment is approved by the fire department. so that they do not do the things in the building and apartment building regulations for structure. it isn't just a matter of putting smoke detectors in, it is a example for having a secondary access to the apartment not just one. not just into the hall but by the window. the window-the apartments in the highest income area require and inspector will come out and require a secondary access to the outside not just the inside which people can crawl out. it has to be a certain size, can can't be
10:47 am
too high to crawl out of. you have to have it so that is useful for people escaping fires. and with their property maybe. they will take a new low cost housing in golden gate with a substandard housing stand ards and when i said where is the evidence in the packet of the things approved by the planning commission they complied with the things expected- >> your time is up. >> and-there is nothing- >> your time is up. thank you. no, it is going backwards now. it finished 18 seconds ago. don't interrupt.
10:48 am
thank you. thank you. next speaker please. >> my name is tom [inaudible] with the housing rights committee. together with [inaudible] we will present from remations we have as tenant organizations. we have been involved with the issue for a long time. we attended meetings of the task force, the fire task force held and we have seen a lot of the tenant from the buildings where there are sfires. we have seen them in the offices. we ask the fire department adopt these recommendations and this commission approve the recommendation squz urge the department to adopt them. number 1, that the department perform adequate fire code enforce ment in san
10:49 am
francisco apartments and sro hotels expand inspections to buildsings with 9 units or fewer. that is all buildings. enter agency communication which include the ssfd forwarding inspection results from dbi. the fire department should immediately set up a complaints system similar to dbi that does inspections, take complaints, issue nov's on every violation no matter how small, holds director hearings, issues fines and leans and makes recommendation to the city attorneys offices for cases that need to be prosecuted. we ask the department go
10:50 am
beyond outlined in the wiener legislation and create a system that will keep track of any and all violations of the housing code without dismissing some complaints as standard. when it comes to fire safety all complaints are priority. train inspectors who like d be, i inspectors know the fire code and write up violation jz follow up. four, integrate a penalty process. the fire department should impose penalties for violation to the fire code. currently notice of violation are issued sparingly and at the discretion at the fire code official. this seems to favor landlords and not in the best interest the tenants. we recommend the fire department make use of the remedys available under the fire codes.
10:51 am
fines could create funding for additional staff such as more inspectors. i will turn it over to [inaudible] >> >> so, i will continue with the rest the recommendation and these recommendations have come ouft the experience the supporting tenants after fires but also in the ways we support dignifyed inhabitable homes before fires take place. so, number 5, we like transapparent criteria and policy, not discretion. there is nrtsduction of legislation thats supports the san francisco fire department to boo determine what is priority and standard complaints. we want all complaints to be investigated, any violation put through the process outline. we would like for the sf fire department
10:52 am
to hold consistently administrative hearings. you is the power and codes to do so but sparingly do so. again, this will mean consistent fines and pen altiess will be issued to landlords or existing fire code violations are unabated. thederment pachooses not to do so. we also believe that the notice of violation said which are also sparingly issued should be available on line similar to complaints tracking system that exists and model by department of building inspection. we as counselors have different ways supporting tenants being able to access information from departments you provided information earlier with phone numbers to call there is a lot of distress and not understanding how to navigate the system. for us to have quick access to the records to the status of the complaints will assist us
10:53 am
assisting the community. we also would like the tenants kept informed what is happening with their buildings. that means they should be given information regarding any fire within 24 hours. we have just heard about the back log and also heard about the discretion that determines accidental. we believe this request will not allow a site to go undetermined and will assess better the situation. we again recommend that you take heed to the introduction thof legislation that was introduced yesterday from supervisor compose aufs and again, we request this commission be more accessible to the community. it isa shame of the way in which this all the hurdles it took to have this meeting. ashame that it is a the mission and we are hard working
10:54 am
communities and still showed up. there is a interest for you to be accountable to us and we will continue >> student to show up. [applause] >> hi, good afternoon. lutishia and tenant counselor and organizer [inaudible] i heard in the presentation talking about electrical safety and heating safety and think it needs to be acknowledged that there is a lot of old [inaudible] in the mission and a lot of [inaudible] one or two outlet jz so want to make sure that is heard and also, many units don't have adequate and functioning heating systems and so as want to make sure that we are not placing blame on tenants for
10:55 am
being responsible for fires when they occur in this manner because at the onedf the day it is the property owners responsibility to insure the building and unit is up to code. i ops want to say i'm concerned to see how many of these fires have been deemed accidental at your discretion and like to learn more how that actually comes to be because it is alarming to see that so many fires are deemed accidental. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. i don't have it.
10:56 am
>> you have 3 minutes, sir. the clock is going. >> stop shouting. >> good evening commissioners.
10:57 am
thank you so much. good evening to the nire fighters who are here. my name is gaberal medina and project manager and speaking for unit to save the mission with a dozen commission organizations and coalition of a coalition. one reason why we are here is had a lot of devastating fires most famously the dwoo and mission fire. ouragy was involved helping with five 810 chbts andthry 7 business get services as much as possible and disperse the communities funds raised from private individuals. over $200,000 sowe are concerned about the buildings and tinants. the data on the slide show here is heat map using the fire department data prepared by the community the antieviction mapping project. you can see very
10:58 am
disturbed by the data because the data can lie. the data presents there isn't a serious problem and there is. for example, you would see that the density of a lot of these fatality injury is in the core of the eastern neighborhoods so here in the mission we had just a number of fires. you can see fires by neighborhood. here is another way where we can make sure the mission is that 5th from the bottom line in red, that data will tell you bayview which is on the bottom which is the longest one, that is over twice the land area of the mission and all most commensurate. the other has 10 time the unit density of the mission and we are ahead of them as far as how many fires so that is where your department or who ever is preparing the
10:59 am
data is not giving the seriousness of the fires here. for the 22 and mission building for example, there are needs for policy changes. they had over 3 fires. they had 3 fires at that building, 2 sense the last fire and so there is a history in the neighborhood which is why we ask you to come here. history of displacement by fire and why we need cultural and neighborhood companyitancy to speak to this. you can see here [inaudible] in the past 10 yoors not counting the last 4, we talk about 9,000 people impacted by the fires. we experience displacement by fire. i would ask you, we have a series of recommendation squz ask you to not only ask supervisor campos to work with our coalition but there is opportunity for the commission to work with the community on the recommendation. we thank you for the time and thank you for being here.
11:00 am
>> thank you. [applause] >> hell ocommissioners. president. >> good evening. >> aaron bute monte and also with united to save the mission. i like to continue sharing your information taken from your data in a visual form. if i can see the-first off, basically this slide what we want to show is 405 million dollars in losses city wide due to fires. next slide. here is the graph of that. this is done by the antieviction mapping project. next slide. this amount of fatalities. lost 3 people in 2015. we have
11:01 am
suggested improvements. annual inspection and follow up within a month on any violation. penalties for repeated non corrected violations. with hold business license. with hold tax write offs and the city report to california fran chize tax board, all owners with unsafe buildings. things wochbt change without a stiff penalty. coordination alung city agencies that include fire, building, planning. mandatory fire extinguisher provided by owners in each kitchen. hard wired smoke and co 2 alarchls twnt 18. [inaudible] until hard wired. power strips with circuit breakers. landlords responsible to place all extension cords with power
11:02 am
strips and increase staffing for certified fire inspectors. more follow up from san francisco fire department commission hereings in the mission, bayview and downtown where fires are most prevalent. that's all i have. thank you. >> thank you. [applause] >> my name is [inaudible] i'm one of your good samaritan who is a small landlord housing fire victim that were displaced in the mission. last year in november i housed one the shotwell street fires on shotwell and 16th and we had 5 family members crowded into a one bedroom because there is no other housing to support the people who are getting displaissed. last weekend we lost 20 families lost their homes and i'll be housing just someone moved out and have a vacancy, but i ont
11:03 am
have one. there are 20 families actually who need housing so we need to definitely go with prevention. one way to present it is you do your inspections mpts we have here and y asked under the freedom information act the 22 and mission fire inspection report. se, there were no working fire alarms reported year after year after year. 2013, another 22 in 2015, what happened to 2014 inspection? there were no working fire alarms 5 year straights and no penaltiess or corrections, nothing. a inspection reported the fire extinguisher was supported in 20 o7. that doesn't make sense. mising ix tinshuishing in 2009 and 10. the blocked access with the language saying what they are blocked with year after year starting
11:04 am
in 2009 until the fire killed one tenant in 2015. how dare you. the fire exists are obstructed by oner, furniture [inaudible] same language from 2011 so they killed that guy. year arafter year the same violationwise no action taken ursh so citations issues, no penalties or lawsuits. they had twomore fires because your department hasn't made sure that building is secure. there is on shotwell go on your way home and look at 16th and shotwell where the fire happened, the top floor is open. why is it people are squatting because they can access it. why isn't the fire department securing the building and make it safe for the neighbors when those
11:05 am
fires will happen again. last week at 3525 17th street where the 22 families were displaced i sent e-mail to the same guy who gave the 22 and mission fires and i didn't have to go with a check for 3.20 like i had for the 22 street fire because you couldn't sends it to me. he sent it by emailt and said there snow inspection of thatd building since 2007. not one report for the fire that displaced 22 families. shame on you, shame on everybody here to allow that to happen. that's all i got to say. [applause] >> thank you. >> thank you. josh [inaudible] yfs planning to continue w what spike said on the community liozonfralocal
11:06 am
261 and want to draw other lessens out of the experience of 22 and mission because we have been in conversation with community parltners and member of the unit tasave the mission coalition and one thing that has to be said is there is this problem of irresponsible property owners. there is irresponsible landlords, the owner of the building at 22 and mission is a perfect example. the fact there were now on our third fire, another fire last week it becomes the way they perform work. we through a pick utup at the site of this building when wie found out a varirrepresentable contractorssh was brautd in and think may have contribute today the recent fire because of the poor labor standards and poor certifications involved and it is time to send a message because what we said is we don't want to have the contractor doing the right work so we can get the
11:07 am
families returned which we have families related and members of our union labors local 261 but these are displaced tenant that risk permanent displacement if the work isn't done right. we put a ask on the table and made request of mayor lee and department of building inspection and will do the same with commission andderment apartment is the owner shoulden be the owner anymore. the owner should put the building in the nunty hands because that is the only safe guard we have for the right to return the work will be done right, the men and women doing the work will be paid the right wage squz have the certification and part of the sustainability through work and housing. it has to happen. we talked blt imminent domain to put in the communities hands. that is how this will hato hamman. we look for leadership on that and like to hear what the plan is from the leadership of the department. there has to
11:08 am
be a signal sent. this is perfect place the deadbeats and negligent property owners there has to be a example and this is a perfect place to start. thank you. >> thank you. [applause] >> my name is [inaudible] i want to thank the public. i want to thank supervisor campos and most of all the fire responders and fire fighter. i can't over emphasize how manyful it is for you to hold this meeting. i reiterate everything that is said, it is very meaningful and thank you for doing that today. i want to make two quick points. i live on 22 street, lived there for 10 years now. some the hair on the back of my head is [inaudible] just imagine this, in each of these fires and the fire
11:09 am
happened just this week multiple fires, thp only way that people have known about this is someone awake has smelled or seen the fire and for me this happened 5 times in the past 4 months. i have been woken up at night knocking on doors so i think we have a problem there. the second point is that as a citizen, i tried because this is right within 50 yards of me, you would be nervous too. i try to get answers. trying to get a plan and it is all most like when you call your internet company and you got problem with the internet and everyone bumps you to someone else so with all due respect to the fire department, i called prevention-everyone knaud thaur head this is a big problem. talking
11:10 am
investigation. it is a permitting problem. okay, i got to talk to permitting now. i'm just a citizen and want to help and this is a community problem and very complex and appreciate it and appreciate every department has their skoal but nobody is taking over hol istic approach to this. nobody wants fires. nobody wants this, but who is actually leading with a vision, a plan and accountability with authority? that is what isn't happening and i hope we can come up with a mutual plan because nobody wants this fires. there is a lot of head knoding nodding happening. i wish before we leave come up with a plan and cohesive plan, that would be great. thank you. [applause]. >> thank you.
11:11 am
>> [inaudible] roberto and representing our mission noeviction which is [inaudible] we have all volunteers and fighting evictions. let me tell you about eviction jz why the fires play into evictions. we had 10 thousand people displaced from the mission, evicted. auththousand latinos. are we angry and concerned? yes, we are. you know, when these fires have been happening in the neighborhood it addsen oto the pressure that we already have. last year i actually called the chief and it took me 7 weeks to actually get a conversation with her andologist also want to ask to have a meeting of the fire commission in mission because i like the previous speaker try to find
11:12 am
out about investigations about these fires and got the run rounds for 5 and a half weeks. when i spoke and asked about having a commission meeting in mission she said that isn't going to happen. i insisted and insisted and insisted and got tired so i called supervisor campos and asked him and was shocked of the lack of disrespect for our elected supervisor when he calls a commission to have them come to a neighborhood where there is a crisis and the type of lack of response he got. further more, i am appalled that the chief isn't here today. i spoke to her, she did call me and told me wasn't coming and put it bluntly, what is more important, a crisis happening in our neighborhood or you going to some convention to speak when you got how
11:13 am
many deputies here? how many staff here? look at all the uniforms here, there are plenty here that are eloquent enough and sure you spoke-the guy that spoke for a hour she could have sent him. what message is that sending this neighborhood when you don't center have the chief here? you should have a conversation with her about that. so, let's look at you know, 22 and mission. you already got the facts and you didn't flent facts. how come the staff isn't presenting to you those fact that this building had violations, violation, violation year after year, year after year? we won't have a conversation today, right? because you won't respond to us. but you
11:14 am
have the city attorney here so why don't you ask the city attorney because this building third time on fire, that is negligent on behalf of this landlord. >> your time is up. your time is up. your time is up. >> [yelling in background] >> mr. hernandez, please wrap up. mr. hernandez--mr. hernandez--i have many other people who are lined up to speak. there are many other people who are lined up to speak. thank you.
11:15 am
[applause] next speaker, please. >> good evening. my name is [inaudible] i have a [inaudible] apartment last year, april 29 and want i to first of all thank the men and the women fire fighters who came to put out the fire. my gratitude for them. [inaudible] nob has to do something to put pressure on the landlords because thaw use the fire as execution to evict people from the mission. i lived for all most a year moving from one place to another me and my family trying to [inaudible] but there is no
11:16 am
precfrr the city to make the landlords fix the apartment. they can take all their time so we'll leave the city but i think we need to fight to the end so want to go back to my place and i think all the people who have fires in the neighborhood should fight to the ends because we have the right. thank you. [applause]. >> thank you. thank you. >> [inaudible] lived in the mission 40 years. i'm a nurse so very very concerned about the health and safety of tenants in san francisco. both because of evictions and because of the fires. i wanted to ask the violation we see many talked about the violations over the years. i know most about mission and 22 street. the
11:17 am
smoke alarm are faulty or absent and no fire exist, it was a fire waiting to happen. what happened? where was the follow up from the fire department on mission and 22 over all these years? how is the landlord held accountable? one said one mans eye but if the fire is in the middle of the night there may have been many more deaths. imagine that. it does seem there is a lot of negligent going on. we like to know how the landlord was held accountable and how these violations were not followed up on. the other things the investigation from the fire marshal and captains today, you would think the investigations had been very thorough. i think comprehensive is the wurbd used. what happened to the investigation in the mission? what happened to the investigation
11:18 am
at mission and 22 street? in the paper it said probable accident. probable accident? a man died. people were injured, had serious burns. that doesn't give cofds this chs a thorough and comprehensive investigation. the landlord has been allowed to do absolutely nothing. before the fire and since the fire-since the fires i should say it is a huge hardship to 60 plus people including children who lives are [inaudible] on treasure island, [inaudible] various other places. their lives are in the mission and so these fires are contributing and really contributing to a emergency state in the mission and the fire department is a part of that problem. thank you. [applause]
11:19 am
>> thank you. thank you. next speaker, please. >> [speaks spanish] >> thank you very much. want to say thank you for being here and as we see time and time again every time we need to be heard [inaudible] we have seen a lot of failure, a lot of
11:20 am
failure in the investigations of what is happening, in the respaunsonse--[speaking spanish, waiting for interpretation] [applause] >> how dare you tell us about that if we had working alarms then that would help us. when really that responsibility folds on the property
11:21 am
owners that are making bank in property from what we pay them. [waiting for interpretation] >> so you can no longer go around pretending you are deaf and
11:22 am
blind to our suffering. every day, every week there is displacement of families, children, children are having not be able to continue to go to school. i can't walk around in the neighborhood every day saying this fire happened and this displacement happened so you can't be blind or deaf to what is happening to the suffering in our communities. [waiting for interpretation] [applause] >> if you don't enact and follow the law there will be more death and displacement and that will be on you. we will chorj you with the death and
11:23 am
displacement of our family. [waiting for translation] [applause] >> how can we live in a city of san francisco when there are hotels for pets but no place for people that are effected through fire for them to go to? so again, i appeal to your humanity. there needs to be sanctions to property owners who isn't following the law so again i appeal to your humanity. thank you. >> thank you. [applause]
11:24 am
>> good evening commissioners. my naimp is adam wood and on the fire fighters union in san francisco and have also worked for many years at station 7 around the corner of 19th and folsom. i don't dispute any of the figures in the fire marshals report, but i don't think they paint the whole picture the impact these fires had on the community. most especiallyly and apologize if you got to this, the scale the fires and amount of people displaced from their homes by these fires most of whom in the current housing crisis will not be coming back to the mission. they are lost to the neighborhood. so, overall impact of these fires on the community is more than can be summed up in a list of the fires without further detail. what concerns me in addition to
11:25 am
that, is i feel the overall tone the report is causing us to lose a opportunity to make a partnership with the community between the department and community. because the truth is, we do need more inspectors with more authority to keep the fires from happening. we need foomodernize the fleet and get the 20 year old vehicles off the street and need more fire investigators. i want to commend the department budget committee for including requests for resources and all those areas and their proposal this year to had mayor but the fact it will be a uphill battle to get those resources without the help of concerned members of the community. so, here we have oo room full of concerned community members. i think the message to them should not be their concerns are unfounded or
11:26 am
exaggerated but we share their concerns, let's join forces, work together to make a better fire department and safer mission district. thank you. [applause] >> thank you. >> next speaker, please. >> good afternoon commissioners. [inaudible] i live in 25 and mission in one of the 41 units. this report you presented to us first of all was boring, everyone was falling asleep and the number you use is basically to tell us that what wree experiencing here isn't real. this is like we are just in the middle like nothing is happening in the mission and this is really bad for our community. i really want the victims of the 22 and mission
11:27 am
come there speak because they are the guys that are displaced and people who are lost and [inaudible] in the commune tay have here for a long time. moving forward i don't see any plans for prevention. the mission from the fire department is prevent the lives and preserve the lives of people and their property. i'm concerned for life because the mission living in a one year building i don't see any plan for doing [inaudible] educating people about the [inaudible] and for making the landlords accountable for it [inaudible] i don't see that at all. every time when i heard the fire [inaudible] everyone is in [inaudible] because you don't know if this is your building or not. you really work with this community to solve the
11:28 am
problem. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker, please. >> [inaudible] i work for the fire department one the fire investigators. i want the message to be lost. i never-part of a unit of 9 fire investigators. quee have a captain, lieutenant and serve in the position now. it is a very small units, it is very specialized unit. i have never been to a investigate cause of a fire fatality that had active and working smoke detectors. i want to emphasize please install and inspect your smoke detectors to keep yourselves safe. please do not use nongfi protected plug strips. the draws on these older buildings are enormous and the
11:29 am
plug strips are inadequate to regulate the power. if you see something-if you have a scum plaint involving your building please report it. we can't do anything unless we are aware of the problem. thank you. >> thank you. is there any other member of the public who would like to speak at this time? we want to hear from you, so if you haven't spoken, now is the time to speak. alright. seeing no other members of the public have come forward i'll close public comment. i will go to my fellow commissioners beginning with commissioner cleveland. yes, thank you. vice president cleveland. >> first off i like to thank
11:30 am
supervisor campos for being here. i like to thank everyone who came and spoke tonight to give us your input on the problems the fires in the mission. where will tell you this, our commission takes all this jobs very seriously. we are non paid, this is a volunteer situation. we oversee a fire department that had the budget cut year after year and now just trying to back fill a lot of the post within the department including the arson investigation unit with additional personnel. so, we take our jobs very seriously, we take our responsibility to this community skn to every community in the city very seriously. i like supervisor campos's idea having additional meetings in the neighborhood. i don't think it is a problem it is just logistics and time. i'm aminable to meeting outside
11:31 am
of city hall. we just starting meeting in city hall. why? we started meeting in city hall so we can have our commission meetings televised bought at fire department head quarters it wasn't possible to do that. starting this year our commission meetings are televise today the public so everyone can see what we are doing and don't have anything to hide and have aenchg to gain by getting your input and appreciate that. we'll take your recommendations you gave us tonight. we'll look at everyone of those recommendation squz see how feasible they may be to implement. we take your recommendations and input quite seriously. believe me, i think all on the commission feel there needs to be better enforcement, it is all a meter of resources. we need more resources in our department so we can
11:32 am
have the people power to get out and follow up on complaints as efficiently. we need to tell people in the community why fires are happening and need to be smore specific, i agree. cause and--lets areer see if we can pin point that cause more specifically. we had great conversations tonight, reports on why fires are happening. we do have older buildings in the mission. we have denser populations living in the mission than in other parts the city, so you will have more people and have more fires because you have more cooking, more smoking and plugs over loaded. how do we combat that? that is a quogez we need to talk about. one way to do that is better enforcement and i agree we need to do a
11:33 am
better job enforcing the fire codes. we are committed as fire commissioner squz assure you supervisor campos and the community we will be back with a update on what we are doing. thank you. >> thank you vise president cleveland. commissioner nakajo. >> thank you madam president. i at this time as well with the colleagues on the fire commission want to thank you the members of the mission community, supervisor campos, all the members who are part the community, mr. hernandez lettuce us know what your issues are, how you are feeling, what you think with recommendation as well. we are a policy board. as a point of information, this is the first time the san francisco fire commission has been outside of our headquarters or city hall and it may not be a big
11:34 am
deal to many of you but to us it is a real effort by which when the request was made to make those arrangements without hesitation to come to the mission or any suggestion of any community we are part of if there needs to be a sense of communication and dialogue. i just want to say that and want to thank all the members of the mission community who came here. [no audio] i think it is important to be hear 1st place what your feelings are and take those kinds of concerns and recommendations and dialogue with our chief and our administrative to come into some kind of level where we can answer some of the concerns you are talking
11:35 am
about. i think it is important the department have a opportunity to share the information we have for dialogue. we want to thank all members of the community for being here this evening and having the dialogue and hopefully continuing the communication. thank you madam president. >> thank you commissioner nakajo. >> i won't get fl to debating there is a conflict between the community and fire department, i think all the information presented, the fire department will get back to us with the staff. some of the comments were made and hope to move forward meeting with the community [inaudible] i'm familiar with this community. graduated from [inaudible] grammar school. i lived in flour places within a mile of this building. my paper route was the [inaudible] gardens because
11:36 am
nobody else would do it over few blocks down. thrfs a labor temple of the unions 15 unions, that burned down as a kids. the boys club a couple blocks up the street here. that burned down. they have the new-it isn't new now but i have familiarity with a couple major fires that happened here. my first job delivering leaflets at the 700 glup putting them on wind sheeltds on mission street for a buck a hour. i had the paurp route and so i am familiar. grew up going to the [inaudible] mission street and it is a great neighborhood. i still lib in the city but don't live in the mission but do understand the mission. i understand 261 speaks. they
11:37 am
speak because that is the biggest employer in my opinion in the mission. 261. thousands and thousands of people that they moved up. the sad part is a lot of these people moved out of the city to modesto but come to the community and 80 percent are hispanic so when 261 speaks i like to listen to them. supervisor campos, thank you very much for presenting this and we take everything you said very serious. we will respond accordingly. like to thank our staff too besides all the community. thank you. >> thank you commissioner hardeman. i want to say that i said at the beginning that i was glad to be here. i want you to know that i am
11:38 am
extremely glad to be here and to hear your comments and to help us understand the frustrations and the tensions. i want you to know i have heard you, we have heard you. there was never any hesitation on my part to hold a meeting here in the mission. having heard public comment-yes, it took a while because logistics take a while, they do. i'm thinking that going forward it
11:39 am
would be a good idea for us chief congonzalez representing the chief of the department this evening to have perhaps a internal task force to look at the mission, to have everybody know what is going on and to you know, put our best efforts forward to come up with a response to some of the questions that have been posed this evening. and then to come back to the community and dialogue about what it is that we have in terms of possible things moving forward as well as some timelines. i think that would
11:40 am
be very a benefit to everyone. i want to thank you again. i know everyone is extremely busy and to take time out of your busy lives to come and share your comments with us this evening means a lot to us as well. so, this is not the last you will see of us and i look forward to following up with you. thank you. madam secretary. >> item 9, san francisco fire department employee group los bomberos update from san francisco employee group, los bomberos. >> thank you. gentlemen, please introduce yourselves. >> good evening. my name is mar [inaudible] presidents of los bomberos. >> lester [inaudible] vice
11:41 am
precedent of los bomberos. >> this evening we be speaking to everyone here and thank you president covington and commissioners and command staff and supervisor campos and community here in attendance. just for information, i am a mission district born is and raised and work at the fire station here, station 7 on 19th and folsom. sir, i went to your fire and remember you and thank you for the gifts you came to give the-you brought to the fire house. that was very nice of you. a little bit about our group, the bomberos are the latino fire fighters within the fire department ranks and we were asked by the fire chief to be here this evening to talk about a trip we have done for 3
11:42 am
years now conseck tivly and it is a trip that we take to nicaragua and we help the fire fighters in nicaragua with training and equipment. lester here was born and raised in nicaragua and he thought about going back and helping the fire fighters there when we went on haveication with a upical other fire fighters. they saw the need for equipment and training and how under staffed that were. with that idea in mind we came back to dh apartment and asked if we can have equipment that is no longer serviceable here with us and if we can have it donated to our group and we would find ways to get it down
11:43 am
to nicaragua. so, 30 year -third year we have gone and trained over 150 fire fighters and wild land confined space rescue and vehicle extrication. currently we are trying to get our audio visual going. assist in the trip itself and help punchs equipment for the nicaragua fire fighters.
11:44 am
>> lester will play is a small video. it is in spanish so want to-while we were down there last year this particular fire department didn't have a fire engine to responds in and used our personal van we rented to get the fire personnel to the location. this is the pan american highway and transport containers to panama through central mexico. a lot of head on collisions there. let's play and it is in english there on the bottom. we don't have audio here this evening.
11:45 am
basically they have to wait for help because they don't have personnel or fire equipment that is able to get there quickly enough and they use equipment over and over again and just rinse it off. their problem is they
11:46 am
don't have extrication tools and we basically-arve seeing this incident here we decided to group our money together and purchase some loaner equipment from one of the manufacturers which they gave us a better rate so spent 5 thousand dollar of our money to purchase jaws of life tool frz the fire fighters because we saw they didn't have the proper equipment needed to help get people out of the tangled cars. most the fire fighters in the organization are volunteer. there are paid federal fire fighters but these particular individuals here are volunteers. there is a
11:47 am
location. there is where nicaragua is. there is while we were there and there is the vehicle, head on injury. the injured personnel and this is our mission this year. we did wild land training and purchased equipment and brought tools and helmets and wild land equipment for them because they have very limited amounts. they allowed us to burn with approval from the mayor of the town and showed them skills for wild land training. they are very appreciative. they were very-they taught us things we never thought of. they used tree branches to put out fires. that is nice we shared information among each other that they taught us things they use locally opposed to ourselves, we have a lot of resources here in
11:48 am
the states. >> anyway, i will-because we having technical dif ought we'll end this. basically it is nice to share comradery between the fire fighters even though it is a different country t. is basically the same job in different locations and it is pride and honor to do the work for the people and basically that is how we are here as fire fighters in san francisco. we are proud to besuch fire fighters and help the people in our communities and especially speaking for myself, i have been at station 7 here on 19th street over 10 wreer jz proud to serve the community i group up and able to speak the language of some the locals here as well. just it is very much a honor to be here and help the people in
11:49 am
the community. >> thank you very much. [applause] i want to thank los bomberos for their presentation and i would like to opethen floor for public comment. any members of the public who would like to speak on this item? alright. no members of the public are coming forward so i'll close public comment and go to my fellow commissioners. >> just like to say that you make us all proud as people working for the city and county of san francisco , our fire department and fire commission, what you in los bomberos are doing
11:50 am
makes us all proud and so it is a wonderful project and thank you for and all your colleagues that get together and do that. it is a wonderful thing. i served as a peaceful volunteer in india many years ago and know what it means to go to another country and bring the technology and things we have that so many in the world don't have. thank you for doing that. >> thank you vise president cleveland. commissioner nakajo. >> i just want to make a comment because you did a presentation at the fire commission meeting and at that time we made comments but the comment again is that-in existence when there was reference to the consent degree. reference the department in terms of having the members of the lutino mexican community being part of the
11:51 am
department and it is true is part of thats that is historical fact but part is your organization has grown so much. not making any light of the other organizations that were there, the black fire fighters and asian fire fighters but to have your group development to do the type of services you are doing in san francisco from the heart of the mission is something very very exceptional and thank you for that. thank you madam president. >> thank you. >> i echo what everybody says. my daughter was nicaragua and never been but she described it as the saddest poverty stricken country and was so upset so sure that is why you are there and deserve a pat on the back helping people that don't have the resources so thauj. thank you. >> i want to extend my thanks
11:52 am
to lose bomberos, i think fire fighters the world over are a brotherhood. speak the same language. even the language of fire. and how to prevent it and how to help people in dire need and for the members of your organization to consistenly do this good work and do fund raising so that the fire fighters in nicaragua have the tools they need to do their jobs better i think is a wonderful thing and applaud you. thank you. next item >> item 10, agenda for next fire commission meeting on may 11, 2016. >> y items? i know we have
11:53 am
the bond but we would like another presentation on before people start voting their absenty ballots. anything else? >> maybe we should have a conversation in public about other neighborhoods we sh have our fire commission meetings in. >> alright. >> discuss that and budgetary impact and discuss the ability for our commission to meet in multiple locations around the city. i think that is the topic brought up tonight and i think a topic we need to have further conversation about. >> thank you. commissioner nakajo. >> agenda item wise and do believe i called a couple of meetings ago
11:54 am
for update for airport and what is going on with the airport and perhaps maybe at the end of june or we can have that presentation through the chiefs office on a update with the airport. other than that the commentary in terms of having meetings in the community publicly and spirit wale i'm open to that. what was part of this challenge is we had to find budget to have this televised which again is just part of the business of doing business, but we had to as you recollect trying to search out in our budget the cost to televise the meetings as well. again, i support the concept. i don't have a problem going out to the community, i just thing it takes planning and budget to that. the intention is
11:55 am
there but want to make sure we have the ability. >> thank you commissioner. just for clarification, regarding the airport is that for the new fire house at the air part or something else? i thought that could be inthe journal up dot. the new airport station is part of discussion perhaps we can roll that into a update >> i overview. thank you. commissioner hardeman, any items? no. okay. thank you very much. i want to thank everyone, the mbs of the community who came out, members of staff who came out, future recruits who came out this evening. it is much appreciated and-so sorry. we
11:56 am
heard a lot this evening, lot to mull over and discuss, lot to plan for the future and we will start doing that work tomorrow. thank you very much. this meeting is hereby adjourned.
11:57 am
11:58 am
11:59 am
>> we love our parks, but we love... >> and the community who is really the core of it all, came together and said what we need is a place for our teenager to play, not just play grounds for the kids and soccer fields but we need a skate park that will keep the kids home in the neighborhood so they can play where they live. >> the children in the neighborhood and it will be a major boone. and we have generations, the youth generations that will be able to use this park in different places. >> the best park in san francisco right here. >> creating place where people
12:00 pm
can be active and lead, active, healthy life styles that are going to just stay with them for life. ♪


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